World Elephant Day 2022 know the date

World Elephant Day, celebrated on August 12, is a way to recognize the importance of elephants. The day also focuses on the protection of giant beings. World Elephant Day was first celebrated on August 12, 2012. An organization based in Thailand, the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation.

Partnered with Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims to commemorate the celebration of elephants. Since 2012, the day has been marked with the aim of reaching out to people and educating them about the plight of elephants.

World Elephant Day is a way for organizations and individuals to come together and speak out about the issues that threaten elephants. According to the official website.

The day is a call for people to support organizations that are working to stop poaching and illegal trade in elephant ivory and other wildlife products, protect elephant habitat wild and provide sanctuaries and alternative habitats for domestic elephants. live freely.

Happy World Elephant Day Messages The occasion of Elephant Day is a reminder to all of us that we must join hands and make this world a safer place for elephants to live. Happy Elephant Day. Elephants are one of the cutest and friendliest animals on the planet and we need to keep them safe. Happy Elephant Day.”

Elephants have been the most loved animal by all children and must be saved. Save the elephants to save this world. They are big, they are beautiful but they are also very valuable. I urge everyone to raise awareness of endangered elephants. Happy World Elephant Day

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