The business case for clean data and governance planning

Do you know if your company data is clean and well managed Why does that matter anyway Without a governance plan that works, you may not have a company to worry about, data-wise.

Data governance is a collection of practices and processes that establish the rules, policies, and procedures that ensure the accuracy, quality, reliability, and security of data. It ensures the formal management of data assets within an organization.

Everyone in business understands the need to have and use clean data. But making sure it’s clean and usable is a big challenge, according to David Kolinek, Ataccama’s vice president of product management. That challenge is even greater when business users must rely on scarce technical resources. Often no one person oversees data governance, or that person lacks a full understanding of how the data will be used and how to clean it.

This is where Ataccama comes into play. The company’s mission provides a solution that even non-technical people, such as SQL knowledge, can use to find the data they need, assess its quality, understand how to fix any issues, and determine if that data will serve their purposes. With Ataccama, business users don’t need to involve IT to manage, access, and cleanse their data,” Kolinek told TechNewsWorld. Taking users into account Ataccama was founded in 2007 and basically started up.

It started as part of Adastra, a consulting company, which is still in business today. However, Ataccama focused on software rather than consulting. So management spun off that operation as a product company that addresses data quality issues. Ataccama started with a basic approach: an engine that performed basic data cleansing and transformation. But this still required an expert user due to user provided settings.

So we added a visual presentation for the steps that enable data transformation and things like cleanup. This made it a low-code platform as users could do most of the work simply by using the app’s user interface. But it was still a thick client platform,” Kolinek explained.

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