Protesting teachers are flogged

Contract teachers in Sindh staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Monday in support of their demand to make their jobs permanent.

According to the representative of the protesters, more than 3,000 teachers were hired in 2018, including early childhood teachers and primary school teachers. These educators were contracted for three years. However, despite the four-year passage, they have yet to gain permanent status, the raises available to regular teachers, and the release of locked-up salaries.

The Southern District deputy commissioner had discussions with a four-member representative team of teachers, but nothing was resolved. Later, the demonstrators decided to march to the House of the CM to present their demands. Being a high security Red Zone, the police tried to stop the marching teachers.

Police and protesters came face to face near CM House. Since the teachers were unwilling to back down, the police resorted to charging with batons. Using the infamous police batons, they brought in the protesting teachers, known for corporal punishment at the receiving end of the baton.

With gender sensitivity in mind, the district administration deployed a significant number of female police officers to discipline female teachers. The police arrested more than 80 male and 30 female teachers during the protest.

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