Prioritizing the adoption of travel technology for the resurgence of tourism

A simple Google search reveals that a typical online travel consumer is exposed to more than 38,983 micro-moments in a 60-day period and visits an average of 18 websites across multiple devices in eight sessions before making a travel reservation. hotel. This means that technology continues to play an important role in travel.

For example, tools like voice search, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and contactless payments help reduce friction and reduce waiting times.

More than that, the emergence of more meticulous hygiene practices as a result of COVID-19 has also put a spotlight on other travel-related technologies, including mobile check-ins and cleaning robots that minimize direct human contact.

In terms of hotel management, digital technology like Revenue Management and CRM are fast becoming part of the new norm, making their way into all facets of the industry.

However, there are still a number of Malaysian hoteliers who have yet to adopt even a fraction of the aforementioned digital solutions. Instead, these hoteliers have continued to rely on manual practices, despite multiple use cases and success stories designed to convince them to innovate. Ultimately, this results in an inability to maximize opportunities and reduce inefficiencies.

More than the recovery of hospitality and tourism, OYO sees the need for constant efforts to digitize these spaces not only to help traditional hoteliers through the resurgence of tourism, but also to ensure its long-term growth. Types of technology and what each can do for hoteliers

Enhanced technology and operational capabilities can ensure smooth management of a property, from accurate revenue tracking, automated price adjustments, and ensuring memorable guest experiences on a day-to-day basis.

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