5 tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone

Battery life is a big concern for smartphone users. Therefore, this is the main criteria for people who are also hoping to buy a new smartphone. Our mobile phones are the all-in-one device that helps us manage our banks, games, emails, photos and much more.

Everything from video calling, gaming, chatting, internet surfing or streaming all eat up your phone’s battery. As a smartphone user, everyone expects the phone to have a great battery that will get them through a day of activity without any problem. But only a few of you really care about your smartphone battery rather just look forward to it.

It’s easy to take care of your smartphone battery: you need to follow some basic steps and adopt some habits that can extend the life of your device. We bring you some steps that can increase the life of your phone.

partial load You must be charging your device and pointing it to get up to 100%, right Let me tell you that it is important to keep your smartphone running throughout the day, but it really damages the battery of the device. Also, there are some users who use the phone until the battery reaches 0% level and post that they charge their device when it turns off.

Here is a life-saving tip for your phone: You can partially charge your phone to save battery life. For example, you can charge your device up to 90% and keep using it until it reaches 30%. Now charge the device again to keep your battery life healthy and long. Disconnect the uploaded smartphone post Many of us believe that once the device is 100% charged, it does not supply power to the smartphone, that is, it will not pass electricity and will not disturb the phone, well, you are wrong again!

On the contrary, it is recommended to unplug your smartphone when the device is partially powered on, and then charge it more frequently to maintain life, instead of charging the device overnight. Slow charging can plate the metallic lithium and will reduce the long-term stability of the battery. Therefore, do not charge your device overnight and charge your smartphone at least twice a day, maybe in the morning and in the evening, which will increase the battery life cycle.

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